Curiosity Has Landed




Even educational kid shows are awesome these days.

I led a team that sparked curiosity within kids and their parents for the launch of a Sprout (now NBC Universal Kids) animated television show. It features three exuberantly inquisitive little alien explorers - Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Jr. Floogal Boomer. They’re on an adventure to investigate our world, one small step at a time. Not the big stuff, but the small things like them - things that reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.


The first video below summarizes the campaign effort. The second video is the actual YouTube video where we surprised kids by invading one of their favorite channels to watch (and re-watch) kooky, fun Play-Doh and Egg Surprise videos. Taking advantage of the narrator’s break in filming (Floogals only appear when “hoomans” aren’t around), the Floogals swooped in and explored the strange land before them. They then narrowly escaped right before the narrator returned. The result was an unpredictable appearance by the Floogals that organically leveraged a social channel with over a million subscribers. Today it has almost a million views.

The through line of success with these types of videos is to be mind numbingly weird and long—little kids love it! The narrative within a narrative hits at the 1:26 mark. That’s the part where we blew their minds.


YouTube channels we emulated for style reference


Agency: Digital Kitchen
Creative Direction / Art Direction: Kelly Dorsey
Concept: Anthony Vitagliano, Camm Rowland
Script: Les Hilliard
Producer: Erin Liston
Props: Kelly Dorsey, Erin Liston, Les Hilliard
Set Design: Kelly Dorsey