Look Up: Ceiling Content

Interlomas | Mexico City



An existing Mexican mall was in the process of adding an extension for high end luxury shopping. The new area included a center court with a very large oval shaped LED screen recessed into the ceiling. It is roughly a little larger than the size of a NBA basketball court. This set up a pretty interesting challenge for making engaging content that would also be appropriate (and safe) for shoppers to enjoy.

My solution was to create a grand trompe-l'œil that would morph and change every half hour. These transitions between architectural styles created a blend of structural impossibilities that celebrated architectural styles throughout the ages and from around the world. Between these larger transitions, the content would have subtle variation from sunlight mimicking the movement of the sun, to birds flying through the space. There were also weather variations and evening scenarios.

Below is a sped up section of the experience that highlights the transition moments.


Agency: Digital Kitchen
Creative Direction / Concept Creation: Kelly Dorsey
Animation Supervisor: Ryan Summers
3D Animation: Ryan Duff
Senior Producer: Gina Giambalvo