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After a long history of success, Loyola College of Maryland was expanding to become Loyola University Maryland, and it needed a new brand to reflect the school’s elevated status and unique educational approach. As a Jesuit institution, Loyola does not teach its students a simple skill or vocation, but focuses on creating multi-dimensional, interesting, and highly skilled thinkers and doers who are prepared to tackle the evolving world. They are encouraged to live by the school’s motto Strong Truths Well Lived which is a very particular culture of morally engaged, smart, rigorous, and passionate students with a real zest for life. The character of these graduates became the intangible essence of the brand. It is visually, typographically and tonally adaptive, celebrating the metamorphosis of Loyola students into intellectually nimble and infinitely adaptable people.

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In my mind, this was the most important spread of the entire piece. It’s an abrupt, but kind pause. A call to the reader to take a step back after we threw a lot of information at them and just reflect on what they had read. This is a touchstone part of Jesuit teachings and we wanted to ‘bake’ as much of those teachings as we could into the thematic breakdown of the book. It was a lot of real estate for a beautiful shot of a clear blue sky above Loyola campus, but we made it MEAN SOMETHING. It reads:

“Taking time out to think about what you’ve experienced is a fundamental part of the Jesuit approach to education. And therefore, an integral component of the learning process at Loyola. We call it reflection. Reflection is practiced both in and out of the classroom. In service. Spiritual engagement. Even athletic pursuits. Reflection acts as a bridge for an individual to move from meaningful thought into more meaningful action. We invite you to try it out for yourself. Once you’ve had a chance to reflect on what you’ve seen to this point, you’ll be ready for what awaits you on page 59.”

(Page 59 was all the enrollment information).


And as the piece closes we see students who have graduated to become fiercely strong, multi-faceted, curious folk who are ready for what’s next, whatever that might be. Here’s to the economotorcycologists of the world!


Agency: 160over90
Creative Direction: Dan Shepelavy, Jim Walls
Concept: Kelly Dorsey, Rich Black
Design: Kelly Dorsey
Copywriting: Rich Black, Anna Hartley, Dan Shepelavy
Photography: Daniel Bedell
Photo Art Direction: Kelly Dorsey