Peace One Day

Recipeace 2012 | D&AD White Pencil Winner



In a world of increasing violence, Peace One Day asked us to raise awareness for Peace Day, September 21st.

This led Leo Burnett to create Recipeace, a movement that brings conflicting people together over food.

Silk-screened olive oil bottles served as the campaign’s centerpiece. Placed on restaurant tables throughout Chicago, they inspired diners to break bread together as a first gesture toward settling their differences on Peace Day.

Campaign postcards and table tents were used in restaurants throughout Chicago. The juxtaposition of weapons and food suggests the choice between settling a difference with violence, or coming together over a meal to bury the hatchet.

Awarded the inaugural D&AD White Pencil for an idea that has a genuine social impact, as well as Best of Show in Design and a Gold Pencil in the Design for the Greater Good category at the One Show Design Awards. The posters were awarded a Bronze Clio, Bronze Lion at Cannes, and a Black Pencil for design.


Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative Direction: Alisa Wolfson, Matt Miller, Phil Jungman
Concept: Kate Sullivan, Adam Ferguson
Design: Kyle Poff, Casey Martin, Peter Ty, Kelly Dorsey
Production Design: Chris Apap
Producer: Laurie Gustafson
Photography: Chris Cassidy
Photo Art Direction: Kelly Dorsey